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Aidoru » Asia idol news » Japanese idol Aydoru

Japanese idol Aydoru

Japanese idol "Aydoru" - in Japanese pop culture idol, idol or aydoru - young, mostly teens, media person (singer, actor, model and so on. N.) With an attractive, often child-friendly image. Idols are a separate category of Japanese stars and positioned to be a bright pure ideal and unattainable love object of violent fans. There is also a view that the Japanese perceive as idols little sisters or cute girls living next door. The girl next door.

Japanese idol Aydoru

The term implies an innocent appeal, ability to induce admiration and fall in love with, and commoditized, Japanese casting agencies, conducting a competitive selection of boys and girls. Purity and directness - qualities that adoration of the Japanese public. Agency recruited children and teenagers who behave nicely, and make them stars.

Singers idols are working in various genres of Japanese popular music, usually in the genre, the most popular at the moment, but we can say that they themselves form a kind of sentimental genre unpretentious songs, for the execution of which, though not required great skill, but you have to be nice and charming. In life, you must also comply with their songs, have a perfect public image: the idols should be an example for the younger generation.

We can say that singers idols and their fans form a subculture. Concerts idols, especially girls, are different from other concerts of music groups. Fan idol is usually wearing a T-shirt with the color of your favorite member and waving laytstik corresponding color. (Often, each participant in the group has its own color, t-shirts and laytstiks these colors can be purchased at concerts). For each song fans come up with a sequence of cries which then chorus perform at concerts. This performance spectators at concerts called "otagey" (which literally means in Japanese "art ota"). It is believed that this kind of cheerleading, because the purpose of the fans - to support their idols, and to help encourage them to perform well.

Idol pop group conceived on the model of education. Agency under the contract which are idols, supervise their professional growth and monitor their behavior. The girl goes to the group, where she learns the profession singer, and when they grow up, arranged for her graduation ceremony.

Idols allowed to meet with the opposite sex. So often "boyfriend-scandals" - the publication in the press exposing materials of a romantic relationship idol. Rumors are usually not officially confirmed not to damage the image of the ideal of idols, but the scandal could follow an unexpected departure from the scene.

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